Bridal Touch Up Kit

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Here are a few essentials every bride should have in her touch up kit for the big day. You will want to keep it simple and only include the essential items that will help you keep your makeup look in place either all day or until your second look.

These are just a few items I provide or suggest to my bridal clients.  This list can be tweaked for your needs.  Also, it helps to store all these essentials in a clear makeup pouch so items can be easily found.  Be sure to also check out my Wedding Day Emergency Kit post for items to keep on hand when getting ready for your big day.

Bridal Touch Up Kit

For the Eyes:

1. Eyeliner – Get a spare eyeliner or the same one used by the Makeup Artist.

2. Lash Glue – Comes in handy in case you start tearing up or your lash start coming unglued. Try out DUO Lash Adhesive, $4.55 it dries clear.

For the Face:

3. Translucent powder & Puff – if you keep nothing else in your touch up kit, I highly recommend keeping translucent powder compact or a puff loaded with the same powder the makeup artist use on your face to set it.  If you face starts to get shiny just press this loaded puff onto the shiny areas.

4. Blush – During warmer season if you’re having an outdoor wedding, blush tends to fade. I like using a cream blush on my brides during warmer month and setting with a powdered blush of the same color to make it last longer.

5. Blotting Tissue – This helps take down the shine either before touching up with translucent powder so your makeup won’t look cakey.

6. Facial Mist – This is optional if you plan on one look for the entire event, a facial mist works wonders to freshen up a settled in makeup look.  Try out one of my recommended faves.

7. Tissues – This is another must. It works wonders for keeping tears at bay,  or patting onto shiny area of the face.

For the Lips:

8. Lipsticks and/or Glosses – If you could get mini versions of these items that will fit nicely into the makeup touch up bag.

9. Lip Liner – Applying lip liner before putting on your lipstick or gloss makes it last longer.

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