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I recently refreshed my makeup with some new favorites from NARS Cosmetics and created the look below using these beautiful colors.  Follow the steps to replicate this look or you can alternatively  use the eye shadows individually for a more subtle look.


1. Eyes: Iceland duo shadow, use the mint green color on lower lid and the lavender hue in the crease.   Next use the Eye shadow Mediteranee – the orangish color just above the crease. Use matte eye shadow in Outremer, on outer corner of eye (ref diagram below apply to the outer crease and upper crease in the shape of a >).  Also use Outremer as upper lash eyeliner (use a wet angled eyeliner brush to apply as eyeliner).   Finally use Abbey Road eyeliner to go over the upper lash line eyeliner and on the lower water line.   Finish up your eyes with a couple coats of your fave mascara, I particularly love Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes.

2. Cheeks: Use blush in Zen just below cheekbones and then blush in Desire on apple of cheeks.

3. Lips:  Complete your look with Gloss in Greek Holiday.  This gloss can be used alone or over your fave lipstick to sparkle it up.  Also dab a little no the center of your lips to give them a fuller appearance.

Here is a break down of each area of the eye as a reference guide.

Eyelid Diagram
Eyelid Diagram

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