New Year, New Work, New Inspiration, forever learning and growing

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I haven’t posted on this blog in quite some time, and I don’t normally open up so personally on my blog, just sticking to the tips and technique of the beauty industry.  But, I have been busy the past few months learning, improving my artistic skills with various workshops and seminars, and quite frankly I am very proud of the journey I’ve taken so far.  It’s hard for us sometimes to reflect within and give ourselves praises out loud, for fear of coming off self absorbed or narcissistic.  But, I have learned in a very short couple of months, that’s it’s ok to reflect within and praise my growth while I continue to grow and develop myself as an artist, so that I may provide the best quality service to my clients.  Even if you are at the top of your game in your industry, it’s important to never stop learning, seeking out new ways, new technologies, skills, inspiration, so you don’t become complacent in your bliss.

I have opened my eyes to the world around me seeking out inspiration from my travels, at museums, art workshops and peer interaction, as well as through the guidance from my mentors at The Powder Group The knowledge and support you gain from a group of like minded individuals in your industry is simply priceless. This is why it’s important that we support and uplift each other in our community, because when they grow, we grow.  I’m so proud of myself for the journey I have taken so far and look forward to all that is ahead.  For I made the choice to finally open my eyes and follow my bliss in the Makeup Industry full heartedly.  As cheesy and cliche as it may sound, it truly warms my heart when I am working on a client and I see the sparkle in their eyes after my makeup or hair application.  That is why I have choose to not abandon this path and forge on full speed ahead.  With that said I’m proud to share some of my latest work that was not only published in fall 2014 issue of On Makeup Magazine, but also of bridal and editorial clients and I cannot wait for you all to see more from my upcoming projects.  It’s truly going to be a Happy New Year! xo


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