Say Hello to Oily Skin

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Did you know having oily skin is actually a great thing when it comes to aging?  As we age, our skin becomes drier, reducing the dewy youthful appearance.  I know, I know, Oily skin usually gets a bad rap, but the natural oils helps to lubricate and minimize the effect of environmental stresses.

So instead of stripping your skin of it’s natural oils, embrace it. Avoid harsh scrubs, toners and cleansers that strip the skin oils.  When you continuously try to remove the oil your skin produces, it will try to compensate and produce even more oil, which can lead to acne break outs and leaving the skin feeling grimy and slick.

Instead opt for pH balanced cleansers, scrubs or toners.  No need to break the bank on products that promise to do the job, there are many great options out there like Biore blemish fight ice gel cleanser, $9.95, or  Vivant Green Tea gel cleanser, $29.

Embracing your oily skin, by using the right products for your skin type will help you retain the oily sheen for longer, which will give off an aura of youth well into old age.

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