To Prime or Not to Prime

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Not many are familiar with the purpose of makeup primers, but they serve as a layer between your skin and foundation, creating a more even smooth surface.  Some primers will reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reduce the appearance of pores and even help makeup stay on longer.

Not everyone needs to use a primer, it may seem like an extra unnecessary step.  But, if you do use it, it can make your makeup look amazing.  Primers works best for someone who is very oily or has a lot of acne scarring and fine lines and wrinkles.

I have compiled a list of tricks to try out when using primer, as well as steps on how to correctly apply primer.

Tips for Choosing the Correct Primer:

pink-green-and-lilac-primers1. If your skin appears dull then choose primes with a light pink tone, such as Benefit That Gal Brightening Face Primer, $29.  It will make your skin glow.

2.  For pale, sallow complexions, try use a lilac shaded primer like Revlon’s PhotoReady Color Correcting Primer, $9 or NYX Studio Perfect Primer in lavender, $12.

3. Have a red ruddy complexion? Then opt for a green formula like Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Correcting Primer, $11 in Green.

How to Correctly Apply Primer

1. Make sure face is dry, and moisturizer and sun screen is completely absorbed.

2. Use a raisin size amount for your entire face – apply onto skin the same as applying moisturizer.  You can also just apply primer to your t-zone or around eyes.

3. Apply foundation as usual.

4. Final step, set foundation with loose powder,  to prevent the primer and foundation from rubbing off easily and fading.

**Bonus Tip**

If your lipstick tends to bleed or crease use a lip primer to keep it in place.    A lip primer also works great on preventing lip stains from drying out.  if you do not have a lip primer readily available,  a face primer will work just as well.  Try MAC Lip Prep + Prime, $16 Or ELF Lip Primer, $8



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