Secrets to Perfect Skin

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No matter what your age, we all yearn for flawless skin. There isn’t just one thing you can do to achieve lovely skin, it’s always a work in progress. Here are some of my tips to on achieving beautiful skin.

1. Youthful Eyes – Pay attention to the under eye area. As we get older the skin under the eye gets more transparent, revealing the blood vessels that cause the under the eye to appear dark. Using a great under eye cream such as Origins Firming eye cream with Rhodiola $39.50. It refines the under eye area by reducing puffiness and skin damage.

2. Get your Antioxidants on – Loading up on antioxidants such as green tea, vitamin c, and CoQ10 has been proven to help reduce the age process of skin.

3. Be Nice to your skin – Try to hold out on the picking and irritating you blemishes. It can led to more scarring and breakouts.

4. Exfoliation – It’s key to keeping skin glowing and healthy. Using a scrub at least 2-3 times a week removes dead skin revealing healthy cell underneath. Try Alba Sea Algae Enzyme Facial Scrub $9.95

5. SPF – Don’t forget the SPF. Using an SPF 30 sunscreen daily will help keep dark spot and aging under control. Try Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock Spf 70 $9.95

6. Facial Cleanser – Use a face wash daily. Using a soothing Green Tea wash helps cleans away daily pollutants and oily grime. Try Vivant Green Tea Cleansing Gel $29

7. Relax – Most importantly, RELAX! Make sure you get your beauty rest and take time to de-stress. Skin cell rejuvenate while you are asleep. Your appearance is influenced by your emotional and mental well-being. Take time for that pedicure, massage, can we say spa day! 🙂

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