SPF Ideas to Protect Your Skin This Summer

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SunscreenSummer is in full swing and we’re spending a lot more time outdoors, as well as at the beach and pool.  While there are perks to being active outdoors, we also need to make sure our skin is protected from the sun’s harmful rays.  The sun’s harmful rays can cause skin damage, wrinkles, and skin cancer.  Check out some of my tips to help you choose the right protection and ensure you are using your sunscreen properly.  Remember not all sun protection are created equal.


1. Know Your Coverage

It’s important to know the type of coverage your sunscreen will provide.  Broad-spectrum sunscreens provide protection from both UVA and UVB rays.  Also sunscreens that are SPF (sun protection factor) 15 or lower can protect again sunburn, but doesn’t necessarily protect from wrinkle or skin cancer.  Instead use a formula with SPF 30 or higher.  My personal favorite for the face is La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid for Face.  Also checkout EWG list of best rated sunscreens to find out if your favorite made the list.

2. Sunscreen Are Not Created Equal

Zinc Oxide is the one important ingredient in sunscreens today, followed by titanium dioxide.  Both ingredients reflect and block both harmful UVA and UVB radiation. Try out Kabana Green Screen D SPF 35 Organic Sunscreen.

3. Check the Expiration Date

Did you know sunscreens can expire?  The ingredients tend to degrade over time, preventing proper protection when you need it.  A good rule of thumb to follow is if none of your current sunscreen products have an expiration date then throw them out and buy new products.  Newer products on the market today tend to have an expiration date.

4. How Much SPF To Apply?

Not sure what’s the correct amount of SPF to apply?  To be safe, apply about a shot glass worth of sunscreen to the exposed parts of your skin before you head out, even when it’s cloudy out.  Be sure to apply to your skin even if you’re driving, because most skin cancer’s tend to occur on the left side of the face (The driver’s side in the US).

5.  Hands Need Protection Too

The skin on the back of our hands tend to be thinner and prone to wrinkles and skin cancer’s as well.  So be sure to apply sunscreen the back of your hands too. For prolonged activities like bicycling, golf and gardening, try wear gloves to keep your hands protected.

6. Reapply Often

As a rule of thumb for the best protection, you should apply sunscreen every 1 to 3 hours depending on activity level.  If your are using a spray form of sunscreen, make sure it’s getting applied to your body and not blowing away in the wind.   You can also purchase a  UV wristband that will change color when it’s time  to reapply.

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